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Your Own Web Page where you ask for donations.
It's absolutely legal, ethical, honorable and popular! 
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Asking for Help
It's Honorable to
help others!
"It's Honorable to ask for help when it's needed."

Pay it forward!
It's not required, but: 
We suggest you make a habit of giving back to other people 5% - 25% of the donations you collect. Read their story and connect and help. You will see that you feel good and you will actually increase your donations because you are spreading the good.

Also See: What is cyber-begging: 
Setting up a web page to solicit donations.
What is cyber-begging:
Setting up a web page to solicit donations.
Where do you find cyber-beggars?
On the Internet Web
Where do you find cyber-beggars?
On the Internet Web
donate to cyber-beggars
What is Internet begging?
Someone sets up a web page to solicit donations.
What is Internet pan-handling?
Someone sets up a web page to solicit donations.
What is Internet panhandling?
See above.
What is cyber panhandling?
See above.
cyber begging website

What do we call the people who donate money to needy people?


Life Savers


how can I beg online?

Do you need money for a worthy reason?
Ask for it.
"Ask and ye shall receive".


If you are a person in need, why not ask for some help. 


If you are in a bad situation, you have probably tried to borrow money and for one reason or another you are unable to acquire the money you need.


What do you do? Is there any way to get the cash I need?

At DonateMoney2Me.com we are promoting a new way to get the money you need. 
What we do: 
bulletWe supply you with your very own "high performance" web page where you can ask for donations.
bulletMillions of people use the Internet and there are many of them looking for the needy and helping them out. Donations ranging from  a penny to $500 and more!
bulletHelping to move you towards your goals you've wanted to reach.
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$20,000 in 20 weeks! 
A success story.
A woman named was reported on CBS news that she raised over $20,000 in just 20 weeks!  CBS News Story


It has been been called begging, cyber begging, cyber panhandling,  people asking for money online, their own web page begging for money. Is is begging? You do what you have to do to take care of your family and this is honorable. 
You can tell your story - plead your case. 


There are folks out there going through what you are experiencing! They can really relate to your story and want to help you. After your own web page is up and running, they can help you.


People asking for the donations have had some astounding results. People begging online or cyber panhandling raise thousand of dollars.


She received donations from .05 cents to $500.00 during that period.


Another woman named Princes Natalie claims to have raised $1473.05! 


That is not a loan, it's donations, legal ethical donations


You could be an individual or an organization, it does not matter.


Say whatever you like on your web-page, tell your story, your story, however you want to tell it. For legal reasons we do not allow photos at this time.


Sign up now and have your web page up and running within 24 hours or less. If you have a Paypal account it is fast. If not, we can still get your web-page up until your Paypal account is opened.


We are referring folks to Paypal because it has 70,000.000, that's seventy million members world-wide who can donate directly into your account. They are the largest payment processor on the Internet.
All you need is to join Paypal and have a regular checking account so you can withdraw the funds.


Be sure to read: Privacy & Warnings


The Most Frequently Asked Question
Why would someone send me donations?  


Answer: Someone out there, in fact there are many people who have faced similar circumstances as you or who can relate to your story in one way or another. This is what drives these wonderful people to donate their money to people like you. 


In just 20 weeks, followers of the woman profiled in the CBS story, watched as she knocked down more than $20,000 in debt,  most came from donations ranging from a penny to $500. 


How did she get in debt? 


She ran her credit cards up to the maximum. People from all over donated money so she could pay her credit cards off! 


That's right, she did not have children who were hungry, her home was not being foreclosed, she did not have a horrible illness with hospital bills to pay.....she just had high credit card bills!


Amazingly, folks donated thousands to her cause!

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If you are wondering if we get many folks to our website:
Check our Alexa Ranking 
We are in the top 1% of all web sites in the world 

Fact: According to Google, there are 1,346,966,000 
That's: One billion, 346 million, 966 thousand websites.

According to Reuters News Wire, many experts believe there are 550,000,000,000 web sites world-wide.


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We ask that everyone follow the DonateMoney2me.com "Pledge of Responsibility". We do not get involved other than to offer the web page and post the content submitted. Although we sometimes edit materials submitted, we cannot be held responsible for content. DonateMoney2Me.com and it's affiliates cannot and does not guarantee that anyone asking for donations is legitimate, there is no verifying, we make no claim of any identity and will also never release the email addresses or names of individuals who post pages and we are not privy to the information about the donors so we have no information about who gives or get donations.  
But we hope and we feel that people will adhere to the "Pledge of Responsibility".  
Also see Agreement - Terms of Service.

cyber begging beg online




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Loans and Services 
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Bad Credit Loans

Do you need money, cash? For whatever reason. 
Maybe all you have to do is ask for it. 
Not just for people!
Get Money
 for groups too!

Why would someone send me donations?
Answer: Someone out there, in fact many people, have faced similar circumstances as you or they can relate to your story in one way or another. This is what drives these wonderful people to donate their money to people like you.
There are plenty of charity web sites, and millions of wonderful, generous people donate millions of dollars to them. 
But most of the givers are wondering in the back of their minds, "where is the money going?" 
So little seems to make it down to the people who need it.

At DonateMoney2me the donations go: 
Direct to the needy person, 
100% - No middle man. 
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Also See: What is cyber-begging
What is cyber-begging
Where do you find cyber-beggars?
Where do you find cyber-beggars?
donate to cyber-beggars
What is Internet begging?
What is Internet pan-handling?
What is Internet panhandling?
What is cyber panhandling?
I want to beg online.
Where can I beg online?
Where do people beg online?
How do I beg online?
Where can I beg for money on the Internet?
Where can I beg for money online?
The answer of course is DonateMoney2Me.com